Data Maps

Activities in the project region

Experimental fields

By clicking on the preview image, you can open an interactive map on google earth, showing areas where the experimental fields are located.

For understanding, the green area belongs to the Plant Protection experiments, the red area to the fertilization experiments and the purple area to the rice quality experiments.

Soil sampling, land cover, interviews and training

By default, all entries are shown. To hide a category, click on the respective button (e. g. “Interviews”). To reset the map and show all entries, click on “Reset view”.

The maps shows activities of different groups of the OrganoRice project in the Mekong delta area. Hereby, the information Land cover provides point information where the landcover has been mapped. In the Soil Sampling all locations are indicated where either soil samples from the fields or water samples from canals or ditches have been taken. Interviews are made for different purposes. On one hand, interviews are made with farmers to gather information about land cover, crop rotation, and irrigation practices, which are inputs for land cover classification but also used for irrigation planning and optimization. During the same interviews, farmers are requested to provide information on pest control and pesticide use. These are important information to get inside of pesticide use and distribution. Additionally, in combination with the land use classification and management data, areas of low pesticide usage can be delineated, which will help to identify optimal areas for organic rice production in future. A third set of interviews will cover socio-economic aspects to evaluate the needs of farmers and communities for transforming to organic rice production.

Finally, information on Training are made available, whereby training can be either provided by the project partners but also by companies or public entities.All land cover, soil sampling, and interview data are gathered in a special App developed by KIAG  and uploaded automatically into a database. This database can be used by all project partners for analysis and evaluation. Due to data policies the gathered data are not provided on the homepage and can be only accessed by OrganoRice partners.

Example screen from Interview database